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Past Performance

I realise that I graduated university over 10 years ago now. Earlier today I wanted to check the exact date so I looked out a copy of my certificate. Sure enough, the 10 year anniversary was at some point last month. What was also stored with the certificate was my exam results for every course I had taken.

Looking back, in the final years I had done pretty well. A general mix of As and Bs. But looking closer I noticed a pattern. I got a B in every course that involved group work. The only other course that I got a B in was Process Control. Every other course resulted in an A.

Just as well my job doesn’t require working with others or process control…


I feel that I need to add some disclaimers here:

  • Past performance does not represent future results.
  • 10 years is a long time. Lots of things can change.
  • This may reflect that the artificial nature of university coursework and course content may not truly reflect the ability of someone to perform in industrial roles.
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  • Euan Munro CEng MIChemE
    said on: 10 Jul 2019 at 13:30

    I think the lecturer in Process Control may have something to answer for! The past performance point is a good one - most people don't realise their attitudes, beliefs and knowledge is always changing. I might feel like mostly the same person when I was at Uni but the reality is totally different!

  • Jennifer Skilling
    said on: 10 Jul 2019 at 16:30

    I hope that wasn't the year I taught process control! A university course can't teach you to be a chemical engineer but it can enable you to begin to become one.

  • Euan Munro CEng MIChemE
    said on: 10 Jul 2019 at 17:05

    If it was, you definitely weren't who I was thinking of 🤐😰

  • Alistair Marshall
    said on: 10 Jul 2019 at 20:51

    Don't worry Jennifer, it definitely wasn't yourself. It was someone who had been doing it for quite a while before retiring.