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Past Performance

I realise that I graduated university over 10 years ago now. Earlier today I wanted to check the exact date so I looked out a copy of my certificate. Sure enough, the 10 year anniversary was at some point last month. What was also stored with the certificate was my …

Re-examining Exams

I was listening to a discussion about a study titled “Bullshitters. Who Are They and What Do We Know about Their Lives?”. Most of the other coverage of the study has been around which groups of people were shown to be either more or less truthful while merely describing the …

Working at Hight (of a different kind)

Well I have met most of the people I will be working with over the summer and so far they all seem a nice bunch. One of the biologists talks a lot like Miss Engel which I found a bit weird but am sure I will get used to it …

Class Test Fun

Thought up earlier during exam, written on the train, posted 24 hours later when I remembered about it:

  • Process control class test, 1 hour
  • I get 1/3rd extra time
  • So I start 1/2 hour earlier... (yea I thought the math was a bit skew whiff as well)

It …

Lab Fun

My first thought this morning:

"The lab we will be doing today is covered in chalk powder - it will be messy".

Chalk being an enemy of me and my clothes, due to it's non blackness, it would make sense to wear my lab coat again. I also thought ahead to …

Whilst Revising

Ok I am currently revising in Appleton and the girl opposite has just got up, put her jacket on put a few things in her bag and left the building. Not so odd but she has left several textbooks and piles of notes on the table. I presume she will …

That Will Teach Me

Look at watch.

"Oh shoot, its quarter to, I had better get going".*

Pack up bags.
Get bike down stairs.

"Aggh it is ten too - must hurry".

Sprint all the way up to KB, swearing at traffic lights all the way.
Get up hill, park bike.
Leg it to the …

Computers and Vampires

Damit, for some reason I am wide awake and have no reason to be, in-fact bed would be a good thing right now. I think I have managed to sort out why the laptop wont connect nicely/consistently to the university wi-fi, don’t necessarily understand, but have bashed it …

Transforming Back into a Student

Yay finished work. No need to go back to Pollock till well, next week when I hand in my time sheet. I think I might make away with three accommodation services polo shirts, no one has asked for them back anyway. Apart from that the day went rather smoothly and …