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One of the kids books that we have is Wow! Said the Owl. We have ended up with a little debate about how the title is pronounced.

The rest of the world (my wife, mum and anyone else I have talked to) all seem to agree that Wow should actually be pronounced with an ‘a’ in the middle. I maintain, if you want to pronounce it with an ‘a’ sound in the middle, you should write it with an a in the middle as in ‘waw’. When it is written ‘wow’, it is clear that the correct pronunciation is a ‘w’ sound followed by a ‘o’ sound and finishing with another ‘w’ sound, as in ‘wow slow down!’.

What is the point in having rules for pronouncing letters if you just go and ignore them! As I said before, English is a stupid language. We should just switch to Esperanto.

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