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A Frustrating Phrase

Once you have been doing a job for a while, you end up seeing some problems that have been encountered before. In most cases this is a good thing because it makes it easy to fix it the subsequent times. But occasionally a long period of time has passed between occurrences.

In this case it can become frustrating trying to remember how it was previously fixed. Then you may remember that an email had been sent. Checking through the archives, you try different combinations of search terms. Some are to specific and don't throw up any results. Others are too generic and return hundreds of email conversations. Then after a long and tedious search you find the one you are looking for. At last, it describes the problem perfectly, exactly the same issue that we are currently dealing with. Then scroll down to find out how it was fixed...

Thanks for the phonecall this afternoon. Those changes seem to have fixed it.

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« Clearly I am Doing This Wrong
Two Hours: 4 Characters »


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