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Two Hours: 4 Characters

Productivity can be difficult to measure at the best of times. Even more so when you are programing. This afternoon, I wanted to add a feature to a webapp I had been working on. The first step was to import some data. How hard could it be?

I wrote what I thought was the required line of code and it generated an error. Fine, these things happen.

Two hours later and I eventually managed to get the import to work. In that time, I had witten lots of other code, some of it to help me understand what was happening. Other bits of code was to try other ways of importing the data. After two hours, I eventually managed to fix it and all the extra code had been removed. In the end, I needed to change just four characters from the original line of code.

So in effect, it took me two hours to write four characters. That is even slower than when I was in primary school

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