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Addictively Checking

It doesn't sound like fun when you really think about it. Loading up a webpage to see that it says the exact same thing as the last time you looked at it. But that is what I find myself doing. It is what many folk end up doing.

Sure some websites like Facebook and LinkedIn will alter their feeds so you see something different but even then, it is not really anything different. It is often just more noise.

I have not been on Facebook for several years now. I only log in to Twitter from my personal laptop once an evening if I want to share a post. Similarly with LinkedIn, I only log in when I want to do something, not simply see what is happening. I am pretty good at ignoring social media.

But instead I find myself refreshing other websites. Perhaps it is my RSS feed reader. Perhaps it is a spreadsheet that I have put together myself. It doesn't matter what is is, I always seem to find something to obsessively refresh and look at.

It is good once I catch myself at it and see it for what it is that I am doing. I can then make a conscious note of it and it helps me stop. But I then will find something else to obsessively check.

I hope if I consciously note that I am just switching between different obsessions, I might manage to avoid obsessing over something new in the first place. I can only hope.

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