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All I Want for Christmas

We have now been asked by two seperate people what our youngest son wants for his birthday (later this month) and more widely, what everyone in the family wants for Christmas. In previous years, I have always had a fairly extensive ‘I want’ list. A list of things that I don’t need, but would be nice to have.

In more recent times, I have been trying to temper my desires. Want what you already have. There are many benefits to this, costs less, less environmentally damaging and simply leading to a happier life. But it can pose a problem when others want to buy you something. They want to get you something that you actually want and will find useful, not something that will become a burden, something that you feel you can't get rid of but is just taking up space. So to help, it is good to have that ‘I want’ list of safe gift options.

The thing is, I am now struggling to fill the I want list. After focusing on being happy with what I have, my family, our home, our lifestyle. I have lots of things to be happy about. There is very little that jumps out at me that will make me happier.

I think that the thing that would make me happy just now, is to get the ‘I want’ list for all the other members of my family, so I know what to get them!

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