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Good Work Can Last

I received an unexpected compliment at work today. About five years ago, I had to write a document detailing a complex procedure. Previously, whenever this procedure was carried out, a bespoke procedure was written every time. I put some extra effort into making it generic enough to be able to e used in the future. After the procedure was completed, the document was stored in the system for future use.

Today, the engineer who is currently looking after that equipment came to have a chat with me. He had just found the procedure and wanted to confirm that there wasn't anything else he needed to be aware of. He was very complimentary of the procedure which was a nice feeling.

If course I wrote many procedures back then. In some ways, it would be nice to think that more could continue to be as useful today. But I did spend a particularly high amount of effort on that particular document.

The thing is that I need to think about what I am doing now. What am I working on today that I can be proud of five years from now?

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