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A Visit to Blackness Castle

One of our Christmas gifts was a set of annual memberships to Historic Scotland that allows us to visit a large number of historical sites for no additional cost. This is useful when with kids that might get board after 10 minutes and want to go home. This would not be a popular request if we had just had to pay for entry.

Today was our first outing using our memberships as we visited Blackness Castle in the hopes that it would be a good starting adventure: relatively close and small. I was surprised how busy the place was. Clearly lots of others had the idea to make the most of a the nice weather and to get out of the house.

The kids seemed to enjoy exploring the different doors and stairways and while the older one seemed to be frustrated every time I stopped him to explain what we were looking at, he was clearly taking it in. He was able to explain the features to his mum when she caught up with us.

So our first Historic Scotland adventure was a success and I am looking forward to many more over the next year.

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