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Stillness and Calm

It is easy to forget what Stillness and Calm can feel like. Particularly a sustained period of stillness when life revolves around two noisy kids.

I had the opportunity to sit in complete stillness and calm for an hour today. No phone to distract me. Just sitting and having to put up with my own thoughts. Thinking things through. Sure, the first few minutes were spent thinking about my to-do lists and what I other things that I need to do. But after that, I was able to relax more, and really think things through.

There are lots of ideas and concepts that I had heard, but not really processed fully. I spent time reviewing these ideas, putting them into my own words and coming up with different examples.

It was a nice experience. I would like to be able to do it more often. Preferably without having to ~~tape the kid's mouths~~ ignore the kids completely.

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