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Taxed Again

Earlier this month, I completed the (online) paperwork for the UK tax. All things considered, it was actually a pretty easy system. The online forms from HMRC did actually help you and did do most of the calculations for you.

Today we tackled the US tax paperwork. By the end of the day, we think we have it sorted out, but I am much less sure of things.

I am fairly certain that accountants and tax software companies must have a lot of influence with those that set the system up. It does not feel like a system that wants to help people fill in their own paperwork, in fact if you want to fill it in online, you need to use a third party. These third party tax software companies are supposed to provide a free service, but our experience was that as soon as you wanted to do anything that was slightly out of the ordinary (like declare money earnt in a foreign country) you were prompted to use the ‘premium’ service (and cough up a fee).

It is frustrating that we are almost required to pay someone else just to tell the IRS that we don’t owe them anything.

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