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Who Wrote This?

Whenever I read something that I had previously written, I almost always end up cringing. Sometimes I don't remember writing it and I wonder which idiot it was that wrote it!

I am not just talking about the old blog posts, but almost any writing, old procedures I have written at work, old application forms and of course old code that I have written. Anything that I commit to a hard record is subject to embarrassment when read at a later date.

Of course when I write it in the first place, I don't feel this way. As I am writing, I feel like I am perfectly capturing my thoughts in an elegant way. It is only later that I realise that the words were written by an immature fool. All posts, tweets, reports and code should have a large "best before" date written on them and a disclaimer pointing out that reading them after this date will give a false impression of who I am now.

The only consolation is that I have clearly moved on and matured in the meantime. Always improving is a good way to progress through life. I suppose I really it to get worried if I find that I am no longer cringing at older work.

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