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Closing Time

Tonight we went out for a family dinner. We picked a local pub/restaurant that had a soft play room at the back.

For the first hour the kids had lots of fun running back and forward, up and down the play equipment. Then disaster struck, at 6pm, the staff closed the soft play area. The kids were evicted, the lights turned off and the door was locked. Our kids couldn't understand what had just happened. Why would anyone close the play area?1

As we made our way home, it occurred to me that that was our kids first experience of kicking out time. That time of the night that the bar staff ruin your fun by closing up. This time it wasn't mummy or daddy that forced the fun to stop, but some other authority.

Sorry kids, but I suspect that you will get to experience this many more times in years to come.

  1. Presumably to stop drunken adults playing in there.
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