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Getting the Better of the Weather

Despite the forecast of Storm Ciara, we decided to risk it and go on an expedition today. This was not us being cleaver, only cheap. Denise had a spare train ticket that was about to expire. So we ventured into the city to make the most of the day.

While the wind was strong, it wasn't completely ridiculous, there was no rain and so, when we were sheltered from the wind, it was actually quite pleasant.

By 2pm, we were all getting tired and so we made our way back to the station. By the time we got back to the house, the wind was definitely picking up and the clouds were looking very gray. Half an hour later it was miserable outside and had just gotten worse since then.

This whole lovely day that we had came down to luck. If we didn't have the spare train ticket, we would probably have stayed in the house all day. If we didn't get tired when we did, we would probably have stayed out past the good weather and gotten soaked on our way home. I realise how lucky we got and am acknowledging it now because it is important to remember the wins. The times things went against us can stick in our minds much easier than the times we got away with it.

Enjoy the wins when they happen, because you know that you won't win every time.

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« How Do You Know If You Understand Something?
Just get on with it! »


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