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Not so Different

On Tuesday night I bemoaned that I was unable to borrow my wifes brompton fold up bike because it has been out of service for several months. One nut had fallen off and we had never gotten round to getting it fixed. For some reason I had gotten it into my head that because it was a brompton, it was a specialist part and would need to be ordered by a specialist bike shop. I never questioned this logic, the only thing that caused the delay was that I rarely go past such a bike shop and when I do, either they are closed or I am in a hurry and don’t have time to stop.

After Tuesday night, I thought about it further and questioned why I didn’t treat it like I treat most other problems in life these days. I had so far thought I needed to physically go to the specialist shop, yet for almost any other problem, I would just search the internet. Sure enough, on Wednesday morning, while I was eating breakfast, I did a quick search on my phone. I found the part I needed almost immediately, and ordered it right there and then. £3.50 delivered. What's more, it arrived today when I was at work.

For months I have been sitting on this problem and yet it could have been fixed within 48 hours if I had only thought to treat it like any other problem.


Turns out it was slightly more complicated than I first thought, I ordered the wrong part. Well the correct one is ordered now (I hope) and I will swallow the £3.50 as a cost of not checking properly.

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