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Synchronising Wants and Commitments

There are times when I want to do all sorts of extra activities, write about this, program something to do that or fix some other thing. Sometimes these activities are based on the computer others are physical tasks around the house or garden.

Unfortunately of late, I have found that these times of enthusiasm have not coincided with the times I have free and am able to work on them. Most of those times I have little energy and generally just want to veg out on the sofa or in bed.

To be fair, it is probably better this way round. The times I do have the enthusiasm have been when I have either had to chase and look after small people or when I am at work. If I only have limited times of energy, I suppose it is better to use them doing my commitments, the things I have to do, rather than the things I merely want to do. Doesn't stop me wishing I had more energy though.

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