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Over Consumption

In the past I have commented that I have limited a lot of my general consumption. I have mostly stopped using social media and after a week when our TV broke, I noticed that I didn't miss anything and have not watched much since then [ref] With the exception of kids TV, I have watched far to much of that [ref/]. I used to get consumed with video games, devoting far too many hours to click buttons and watching pixels on a screen. While I am feeling all smug, I realise that all I am doing is swapping one vice for another.

Today I spent the majority of the day either reading different blogposts or listening to podcasts. In the defence of these mediums, I was doing some learning, but the truth is that I was doing it for the entertainment. Any crumb of learning was just a byproduct.

Looking back, there is lots of things I could have been doing, but didn't. That would be fine if it had been a conscious decision, but it wasn't. I just did what I felt like at the time.

Considering how non renewable time is, I need to be more careful how I spend it.

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