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Vampire Overalls

I was asked to join some others on a site visit today to look at an upcoming job. As a control engineer, it is very rare that I have to ware overalls and do site visits, most of my time is at my desk, in the control room or in a meeting room. Generally speaking, we don't do outside.

I do get my overalls on for about a month each year as I have been seconded back to my old role to support the team during shutdown events. During these events, I usually end up working night shift, so for about a month, I become nocturnal.

It occurred to me today that as a result of my general lack of outside activities, and those activities that I do perform being nocturnal, it is very rare for my overalls to see the light of day. As I was walking down to the unit and the sun came out from behind a cloud, I wondered when the last time these overalls saw the sun. I was half expecting to see them whither away at the sight of it.

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