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Reflections of a Pause

I decided to stop posting daily and use the extra time to work on other things in the evening. I wanted to see the effect of changing how I use my limited resources of time and focus.

The first night was very successful. At the time when I would normally be sitting down to write, I got the urge to fix a long standing issue with my home server. I had made several attempts to fix it over the past month, but never succeed. I had many other occasions when I wanted to work on it, but was too tired to be able to focus properly. Instead this time, I sat down and just got on with fixing the issue. And it worked.

The second night, I came across an (abandoned) open source project. There were a couple of things that were annoying me about it and it occurred to me that I could fix them. I spent a bit of time investigating the code and understanding how the various bits worked before making some changes. It is a nice feeling to have the ability to fix or improve a tool that you are using.

Wednesday was less productive, I felt pretty rubbish. I had given myself permission to not produce something, as long as I don't make a habit of it. I am still reflecting on each day out of habit, though I don't know how long it will last. Clearly I am still able to post on occasion, though again I don't know how long it will last.

So far I consider the experiment a success.

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