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Stuck in Traffic

Recently, with the Queensferry Bridge being closed there has been a lot of people getting stuck in their vehicles longer than normal. Even people who would normally go nowhere near the bridge are getting feeling disruption because all the bridge traffic is now clogging up their normal route. Then there was those whose normal route was blocked be those trying to avoid their normal route that was blocked by the bridge traffic.

So lots of people waiting in long queues of traffic moving slowly. Someone was saying that they went bothered by it, they simply turned up the radio and enjoyed the music.

It occurred to me that I am in a similar situation when I am listening to something I like, such as an audiobook or podcast. When driving listening to something I like, I am calm and happy, regardless of what is happening on the roads, I am able to enjoy the conversation or story and accept any extra delay without concern.

However sometimes my phone loses the Bluetooth connection to the car and I make the rest of the journey in silence. Other times, if I am driving with the kids, there is no point in putting on anything I would like, they won't like it and they will make enough noise so I can't hear it anyway. In these cases, I am not as calm and forgiving. I am easily wound up. I get frustrated by the silliest of events.

I hope I can learn to drive in the calm mode, regardless of my audio experience. Sometimes it merely requires awareness of a problem to be able to improve or overcome it. I will certainly try and be more mindful of my attitude while driving in the future, particularly when the stereo is off.

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