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Review: DO NOT sign up to Beer52

Beer52 is a beer subscription service. Get 8 beers a month for £24. Of course, I didn’t want that, but they had an introductory offer to get the first month at the cost of shipping (£5.95) and the option to end the subscription after the first box.

What they don’t tell you is that it is easy to sign up online, but to unsubscribe you must phone them. After 6 attempts at phoning each one giving a short ‘sorry no one is available to take your call’ before hanging up, I got through on my 7th attempt.

I say I got through, in fact I was put on hold (with wonderful music) for over 18 minutes.

Once you do get through, they were very friendly, but still worked hard to keep me. They tried offering me £8 off the next box, then (after I said no thank you) offered to add an extra 2 beers (£16 for 10 beers). Of course this would be for 1 month only. Then have to jump through all these hoops again? No thanks.

I actually have two cards to give to friends that would give them their first months beer completely free (no shipping cost), but I do not want to subject any of my friends to the pain of trying to unsubscribe from them.

To be honest, I may have considered re-subscribing once every 3 or 4 months to get a selection, but the pain they have put me through in the hope I give up and get charged £24 monthly forever more has put me off.

I strongly recommend avoiding this business.

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