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A Little Less Stupid

In a podcast that I have just listed to, someone said:

Take every opportunity to be a little less stupid.

I love the phrase. It is a brilliant motto. Be mindful each day to find out what you don't know, and do something about it. Keep searching for more ...

Advice to a 2nd Year Chem Eng Student

A friend asked me to give some advice to a second year chemical engineering student they had met at a networking event. What follows is a slightly edited version of the email I sent them.

Hi (name removed),

Your email address was passed on to me by (name removed) who ...

Blaming Tools

There is a phrase:

Only a bad workman blames his tools

What is less known is the second part:

Because a good workman has the correct tools to start with.

Personal Algorithms

Yesterday I mentioned one of my personal algorithms of life. To be honest, I had never considered it as such until I was writing about it but that is what it is.

And it isn't the only one. Thinking about it now, the there are lots of these algorithms ...

Security Checklist

When reading a computer security focused blog, I came across a security checklist.

I spend a good while reviewing the recomendations in it and upgrading my security in certan places. While I wouldn't recomend all the actions (and haven't done them all myself), it is certanaly worth considering ...

Jack of All Trades

After posting yesterday's post, I thought further about it and though I don't need to know much more about electricity, I do know more and want to learn more. I like learning, particularly about different subjects.

My background as a chemical engineer has given me a good understanding ...

Electricity Need to Knows

A fellow chemical engineer had the following electrical advice.

There are two things that you need to know about electricity:

  • You cannot see it.
  • It can kill you.

Everything is is for the electrical engineers to worry about.

Book It

When you meet friends that you haven't seen in a long time, a common comment is something along the lines of "we should do this more often".

A month ago, rather than just saying it, we booked a date in our calendars. These things can get moved, but once ...

Recommendation: SMRT

Stoic and Mindfulness Resilience Training (SMRT) is a free online course organised by the Modern Stoicism team. It combines the ancient philosophy of Stoicism with practices from modern psychotherapy. I found it very useful last year and have signed up again this year.

The 3 Ss

I remember a getting some advice from a lecturer when at university and thought I should save it here.

There are three Ss in life you should never pay for:

  • Sex
  • Stationery &
  • Software