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A Noisy Neighbour

Currently my neighbour is drilling something. I am not sure if this annoys me because he (I am being sexist and assuming it is a he to make things easier) is distracting me or because he is making lost of unsocial noise and I am not. I might go outside and get myself a big rock to drill through for the hell of it.

This would also annoy the girl (again I am being sexist) who so inconsiderably played the recorder at at 6-8 in the evening last week when I was trying to get some sleep.

Maybe I should wait till midnight

/me does an evil jig

Well that was a nice start at a first note, not sure it was worth it, if I do continue I think I need to write them in word so that they are spell checked first (I am having all sorts of problems with nabour)

In other news I have found my old maglite 48 hours after I was looking for it!

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