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Being Selfish

Today I got tasked with the dismantling of 12 Ikea bunk beds. Fun! Rather than messing around for many hours with the silly little Allen key that they gave me, I went home and brought in my cordless drill with bit adapter. To help me (or perhaps I was to help him) one of the full time porters was also assigned the same task. Now I am not being mean but he definitely has learning difficulties and so I can see why he has found himself as a full time porter.

Normally I encourage people to try new things, use new tools and attempt to help people get around any disabilities (having a learning disability myself) However I couldn’t get round the fact that on a number of occasions I had asked him to do something like push the bar away from you and instead he would pull it towards him. Or to undo the two bolts in the back corner of the bed not the bolt that is currently holding the bar I am sitting on in place. Of course I would ask/suggest, then strongly suggest/tell before screaming at him before I ended up with the bit of metal in by hand shearing or on top of a large pile of twisted metal.

These occasions plagued my mind when I was using my drill to speed through the process. I kept thinking I should offer him a go and teach him how to use this, but then thoughts of me telling him to apply more pressure or to stop and seeing the opposed happen meanwhile my screw bit/ drill motor/ hand gets worn away enter my head and I dismissed the idea. This made me feel very bad and selfish but then my hand was still sore from the earlier fall

It don’t help that when he was attempting to take some of the screws out and one got stuck I told him ‘don’t work some don’t come out’ I was then told ‘some of them don’t come out’ about 10 times through the rest of the day. This then leads me to think that anything I said he would either ignore because he is older than me/ he is a full timer or I would receive instructions on how to use a drill every time he saw me for the next 2 weeks

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