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Bills and My Conscience

I just noticed that in less than a month I have to run in the Linlithgow 10K. This is a nice race which I enjoy a lot and I help organise it. This involves getting up at 6:30 having breakfast etc them making my way to the centre of the town for 7 to set up the course. At about 10 to 10:30 we finish the course and finish area and return to have a second breakfast. Then it is a quick turn around to help wherever I am needed till about 1 o’clock when I quickly get changed and run in the race myself. The only problem is that I haven’t gone for a run in about 2 months and whilst I think I could probably still make it round the course I would like to do it with some dignity and get a decent time out of it.

I think now that fringe is over and I have been working at Pollock long enough now to be used to it, my excuses for putting of going for a run have dried up. I NEED to go for a run. I am going to go for a run! In fact I will go for one now!! Well maybe I will wait till after dinner, then I will have to wait half an hour for my dinner to go down, then it will be dark and I will be distracted with other things. It can wait till tomorrow (the cycle continues)

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