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Note to Anyone that Actually Cares

Please don’t invite me to join and more groups along the lines of ‘Facebook's become a creepy stalker's paradise’ or ‘BRING BACK THE OLD FACEBOOK’

Facebook has always been considered a stalkerbook by some and I like the new version. I will be sad when the new feeds are gone. Rather than looking down a short list of entries, I have to go to each of the groups to see what is happening etc. Remember facebook can only show what you put on it and you can hide storied from the feed

To hide something, just go to your own profile and click the cross next to the entry and it will be removed from all the feeds. Simple. To be honest I don’t care is some random person knows I like Dilbert or that I am attending a party next week. It is on facebook anyway, it is just easier for my friends to see.

/me gives up and resigns that the news feed will be a short lived thing

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