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Towels, Heads and Pinball

Yay this is the last normal weekend at Pollock! For almost everyone it is their last weekend, for me I have one more weekend however I will be a makeshift traffic warden and wont be lugging towels around Chancellors (one thing about this job is that I have begun to turn my back on the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and learnt to hate towels) and other rubbish related tasks.

The day went rather well, there was not too much to do; I could have finished everything by 4 o'clock (and I am paid till 5:30) however I took my time and slow walked so instead I finished at 4:15 (still get paid to 5:30) Unfortunately as I went to pick up the last 3 bags of rubbish, I smacked my heads off the fire control panel. This hurt a lot. I screamed out in pain/frustration and turned round and punched to opposite wall. Now my hand hurts more than the original hitting of head incident :(

After words I went to pub and saw the rest of the Scotland match. Though we were winning rather comfortably, I really struggled to concentrate on the match. To me it was just like watching a giant game of pinball. It was nice to see them win anyway. The one goal that I did see, I though the keeper had saved it, well any other keeper would have had it (I think). I then had food and watched the England game, I had the same problem of watching a pinball machine but this time there was very amateur dramatics thrown in to the mix. Well done to England anyway.

One of the guys I work with was insulting one of the other guys, the other guy objected and said that he should pick on someone else such as me. The first turned and looked at be before saying that the worst he could come up with was my prison haircut. It my haircut is the worst thing about me, then I think I am doing not too bad.

Now I think I will turn my attention to a job application form for the council. This is for an athletics coach and I believe that it is just a formality, all the same- I really hate application forms. (No really, I HATE them) I seem to spend hours trying to keep my writing as neat as possible yet hours late it still looks a mess. Other problems include that half the fields don’t really apply. Are you a member of any professional bodies? Well I am an affiliate/student member of the institute of chemical engineers not that you will care at all. What is more, I have two sets of forms that ask almost identical questions! Ho well necessary evils I guess

Wow, I rambled on a fair bit there

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