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Overtime etc

It is an interesting feeling sitting in the back of a van whilst it is driving through the grass market whilst eating a chipy and getting paid overtime for it. Shame it was a short half hour break after shifting many wardrobes out of one set of rooms to be replaced by bigger ones then taking the smaller ones to Roberson’s close and putting them in flats there. I think it was 10 bedrooms we swapped the wardrobes, but no one seemed to know for sure and there were a few rooms that we couldn’t fit the big wardrobe in so we had to put the small one back. All architects note, spiral stairs are all nice and good but PLEASE put in a lift. In fact even if the stairs aren’t spiral PUT A LIFT IN! generally if you are going to design a hotel - work in a hotel as a cleaner or porter so you know what type of things are good/useful and what things look nice but are in fact just a real pain in the back. Ditto designing houses/flats - try working for a removals company.

Rant over

Though the work was hard, hopefully I will get paid well for it. Unfortunately it will be another month before I get my pay check so if they do screw me over, then I won’t know about it till it is too late

Such is life

Coming up weekend tomorrow. Perhaps this year most of the freshers will be younger than me unlike last year. Though the whole weekend is overtime, I will get paid the same as a normal weekend because of my weekend working allowance. I feel like I have been done again.

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