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Woot. Coming up weekend part one is over (as far as I am concerned anyway) Not helped by a night filled with dreams of wardrobes (or realising a different way we could have tried to get one of the wardrobes in that failed)

The day was long and stressful, with the busiest part around lunch time when we were even shorter staffed than other times because some were eating lunch. My dyslexic brain only sent people left instead of right twice throughout the whole day but then those two were driving away as I was talking to them so they probably disserved it. There were some interesting manoeuvres though there was only one that I was tempted to tell them to get out and let me do it (the only thing that stopped me was that the dad looked rather large)

Came home to find my postman had thrown my letters the full length of the hallway. 4 letters. 3 from my utility company – one telling me I have cancelled my direct debits and 2 identical ones telling me I have set up direct debits. The other letter was from my parents inviting me to dad’s 50th birthday party. I don’t know if it was a subtle hint telling me to RSVP (I am sure I have phoned in the last week) it also says Alistair + Partner - not sure if it is another subtle hint either.

EDIT- just thought this means I get to wear my kilt :)

One of the permanent porters was trying to convince me to go out and have fun with the freashers. Not sure if I would be a sad git for if I try to join them or if it is any worse that I am not interested and want to spent the night in.

/me remembers he doesn’t actually care what others think of him

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