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Pharmaceutical Companies and Fraternities

Just watched The Constant Gardner. It was a little heavier than what I needed to watch at this time of night but then it was my own fault; I knew what type of film it was anyway. The film was about pharmaceutical companies that were testing drugs in Africa (and hiding any results they didn’t like). This made me (briefly) reconsider my position about working for anyone (except tobacco companies) however if a pharmaceutical company were to offer me a job I would probably still take it. Even if I cared really passionately about it, it would probably be best to take it anyway then try to change company policy from the inside.

I am used to arguing about oil industry and even nuclear power however I don’t think I have argued about pharmaceutical companies before.

I have noticed a facebook group calling for American style fraternities to be brought to Edinburgh. Hogg was right- Edinburgh is turning into an American university, at least just now the societies have a purpose (even it is neighbors or pizza appreciation) with fraternities it seems to be lets form a society just for the hell of it (or maybe to exclude others/ feel god about themselves) and please don't tell me they raise money/ do good things for charity; if you want to do they you can join Stop Aids or The Red Cross or Amnesty or …

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