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Transforming Back into a Student

Yay finished work. No need to go back to Pollock till well, next week when I hand in my time sheet. I think I might make away with three accommodation services polo shirts, no one has asked for them back anyway. Apart from that the day went rather smoothly and uneventful. Now I get to return to being a full time student.

Eventually I handed in my application form to become an athletic coach with the council (only took me three weeks).

Hoping to have fun at imps tonight, though I doubt very much I will be doing anything during the show. I still have to get my LX tape back that I lent to Claire, I said I would return for it on Wednesday night but that didn’t happen. I think the odds of me getting it back now are slim. Shame I worked hard to steel it of the electrician at Pollock. I also need to fix my leatherman (or cheep version thereof) holder.

Now I need to get some food, preferably not pizza or a chipy. This probably means a trip to the shop or pasta. Shop will be busy and I am lazy just now. Pasta it is (I hope I still have some sauce left)

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