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I Don't Exist! (Bloody Gas Companies)

NB this is a rant so I have not re-read or formatted in any form

My gas company has phoned me up and told me that they have been billing me when they are were not supposed to be because they don't actually supply the gas for this address so they will refund all the money I have paid plus an extra £10. So even though I though they did and they thought they did, actually it is someone else. So I get given the number for TRANSCO/National Grid (or whatever their name is this week) to see if they can tell me. So first I end up in a voice recognition system that asks me for my postcode and address. After repeating many times and me screaming I HATE VOICE RECOGNITION it put me through to a real person who effectively told me my flat doesn't exist, I need to contact my suppler to get a new supply number. THAT'S WHAT I PHONED YOU FOR! TO FIND OUT WHO MY SUPPLER IS! I wonder if no one is supplying my gas then if I do nothing everyone thinks that it is someone else supplying me and therefore billing me, my gas still works... But then that would be wrong and probably lead to huge bill + fines :(

I think this will keep me busy most of the afternoon

Update: The nice/helpful girl at EDF is at lunch just now, will have to wait - and I was actually considering going to see BENT at Bedlam Theatre.

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