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Dentist Travels

This was written on Wednesday, this is the first chance I have had to put it up

I have spent £7.75 on train tickets to see the dentist today. How many other people go to a dentist on the opposite side of the country? She is a nice dentist and has been looking after my teeth since birth. When we met today the first thing she did was comment on my height (being about a foot taller than her) then reminded me that she remembers when I wasn’t taller than her. She was also quite happy not to ask me for the money and would just get mum to pay it for me next time she is in.

Finished watching firefly on the train journey in. I really enjoyed it. It amused me.

I am now sitting on the train halfway between Glasgow and Falkirk after taking a phone call ‘where are you?’ ‘George Sq – No not that George Sq’ it amused me.

I am easily amused.

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