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Minor Irritants

Coming home I remembered that I was out of bread & milk so I went into Tesco to get some. It was rather busy and they had only two loves of thick sliced bread left (I like bread that can support its own weight) After fighting my way in to get one of them I headed over to get milk. They had NO semi skimmed milk AT ALL. I am used to them not having any 4 pint bottles but no semi skimmed at all? Considering the bread wasn't the type I wanted and there was no milk of the right type I gave up with the whole thing and headed for the exit thinking 'I can survive 24 hours'.

I have not had coffee in my flat for a while because I had no sugar. On Thursday I got some sugar but have been too busy to have some coffee (well not spent enough time in the flat). I am now looking forward to having a nice cup of coffee with everything I like in it.

Wait... damn no milk!!!

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