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Cycle and Walking

This was supposed to go up yesterday, don't know why it didn't.

This morning I had to walk to Kings Buildings because I had left my bike there on Tuesday. Whilst this is not normally a problem I did notice a few oddities. First I took the exact same route as if I were cycling. I am sure another route is faster yet I still couldn't change my route. The other thing is that there is a bakery at the bottom of the hill. This is very easy to cycle past, not so easy to walk past.

During the lecture I found it very difficult to concentrate on the wonders of momentum transfer as fluid flows down the outside of the pipe. Instead the layout of the room continued to annoy me. And the fact that the good projector is bust. And the door latch keeps sticking.

I am tempted to return this afternoon with multimetre & toolkit, move the tables fix the projector and the door. The truth is that I will not be bothered to cycle back up the hill again and tomorrows lecture will be the exact same again. I am also troubled by the lack of caffeine available in this department. The coffee machine has been bust since the start of term, now both coke machines are sold out (and have been for a number of days now) and even the chocolate machine was being emptied during the break!

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