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Taking It Easy After Giving Blood

Well this evening was interesting in a mad rushing about kind of way. At 6:30 I was on the phone to my mum who was (among other things) warning me that she was probably going to be visiting the flat in one and a half weeks time with a friend. This means I need to completely tidy the flat.

Whilst I was still on the phone I got a call from Dave letting me know that he wanted to re-hang the screen at Pleasance for filmsoc. So I emptied the pasta I had just made into some Tupperware I found and raced down to Pleasance (overtook another runner who was going too slowly) helped set that up then ate dinner whilst watching the show.

Unfortunately halfway through the show I got a phone call from dad telling me that he was in Corstorphine with a chair for my flat. Though he could have dropped it off himself, I REALLY didn’t want him to see the inside of the flat as it was so out of Pleasance sprinting in the opposite direction, tidy flat a bit (hide most mess in my room) collect chair then get a lift from dad and watch the last 5 minutes of the film from the back of the auditorium.

Now I want to know what happened in the middle :(

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