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The 'I hate Windows' Itch

Once again I have gotten the 'I hate Windows' itch and considering that I got a package of Kubuntu CDs today and no lectures I spent most of the day installing Linux (as well as clearing the 20-30cm pile of rubbish off my desks). I have tried to do this before but this time it went much easer. It really is nice simple and clean (Linux not my desk). One of the things that bugs me is that it doesn't automatically support mp3 files so you have to install something else for that. The other problem was that it didn't like the way I connect to the internet but after downloading some files and an extractor program it worked fine. Now all I need to do is transfer all of my outlook contacts over and preferably the calender. after that the only reason I can think I will want to go back is to play games so I will have to look at installing Wine (effectively a windows emulator) at some point. That can wait.

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