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A Day of Cleaning

I now have a tumble dryer. This is nice and means that I can get more than one lot of clothes cleaned in one day and they can be dried and put away in the same day (sounds great in theory doesn't it). Occasionally the motor decides not to work but simply opening the door turning the drum by hand through 90 degrees and closing the door again seems to work fine for now.

Had fun turning the mattress. I decided that because I was in a cleaning mood that I would try to turn the mattress over as you are supposed to but this was made interesting by the fact that it is a loft bed. So I was hanging on to the side as I lifted the mattress before noticing that the width of the double bed was more than the height from the bed to the ceiling so it didn't fit without brute force (which was difficult considering I was handing on the the edge trying not to fall. It was managed in the end though.

Note to anyone that is washing waterproofs: The spin setting on the washing machine is useless, as you open the door all the water drips everywhere anyway. I now have a flat to mop up.

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