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Awake at All Hours

This is my second attempt at writing this note thanks to Kaylee deciding that she would take part in wildcat strike action.

I have attempted to to explain why Caroline (girl that sounds like Alex) sounds like Alex and have failed each time. I might try and record her talking but that might be a bit too creepy/stalker like even by my standards. I will have to work with her all summer after all.

I must admire Caroline's commitment. She was working on the project, doing background research at 2 in the morning on Saturday night/Sunday morning. That's fair enough, I can understand that. I was happy to try and answer her questions over messenger. What got me was 2 and a half hours later when I got back to my flat, she was still up and still working on it. I then found out that she was not in her flat but in the university computer labs in George Square! I don't think I am anywhere near as dedicated to this as she is (or dedicated to anything for that mater)

So today was the second day in a row I was awake at 5 in the morning, Sunday morning because I hadn't gone to bed yet and today because I woke up stupidly early. Waking up stupidly early allowed me to eat, let it settle, go for a run, shower, eat more and make a relaxed trip up to KB and still arrive before 9:30 This is a nice feeling but I doubt I could do it every day.

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