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Working at Hight (of a different kind)

Well I have met most of the people I will be working with over the summer and so far they all seem a nice bunch. One of the biologists talks a lot like Miss Engel which I found a bit weird but am sure I will get used to it.

The room which I will be working in is at the top of the tallest building at KB looking north over the rest of Edinburgh. I am slightly worried that this wonderful view might be distracting as well as the fact that the room seems to act like an oven and is stupidly hot.

The major down side to the room is that there is no wi-fi signal and the wired Internet didn't seem to work. There are plenty of other computers in the room provided by the university though those are old things that are painfully slow. I found i get a much better signal when I plug my TV-card in and I have been having trouble with wi-fi in my flat this evening so hopefully now that that is fixed, I might get some form of Internet access on Kaylee in the room. Unfortunately I left my spare cat5 cable up at KB and I may need to use it this weekend.

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