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Power Cut

minute 1 of power cut

The lights for the first half of the street have just gone out, I am typing this on my laptop now but don't know how long this will last (checks it says 45 minutes) I am glad that I can now touch type or this would be a lot harder. My computer has now given up trying to connect to the internet. I am hungry but I guess food will have to wait till power is restored. Power to the other half of the street has now gone. The glow of the laptop is now overpowering in the gloom even with the brightness turned down

minute 3 of power cut

Noticed the larger number of sirens going about the city. I think I have gotten over the initial shock, though the lack of internet is disconcerting. Perhaps I should get on with the work I was doing before the power went out. No wait that will require internet sooner or later. Perhaps I should take a trip to the roof to see how much of the city is without power.

minute 8 of power cut

Returned from roof having concluded that all the lights including street lights are out on our block. The houses behind HomeBase are fine, the street lights are on about 100m down the road beside the matings. The lights are on at Scottish widows but I couldn't see if the street lights were on up there. So not as far reaching as it might have been. It is an intresting experience walking up the stairwell with no street lights. Though it appears most people have torches in their flats. I just have one permanently installed around my waist which helps. I now have a new reason for when people ask why??? and look at my like I am a freak

minute 14 of power cut

Attempting to get on with work. Getting very hungry now. Tempted just to grab an apple rather than make dinner. Just remembered was supposed to be going running in 30 minutes. Perhaps it is a good thing not to eat too much.

minute 20

Messenger has just realised I am no longer connected to the internet and has thrown up several errors.

minute 27

My computer is now telling me I have only 10 minutes left not sure how much I believe that indicator any more. I hope it lasts, maybe I should have been charging it earlier.

minute 38

Laptop is now telling me I have 4 minutes left to finish my work. I am saving continuously. I think I will go for a run, I just hope my boiler will be working when I get back in to have a shower!

minute 42

Powers Back!!!

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