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Looking for a Name

For my final year research project I am writing a program to simulate chemical plants using a website. The problem is - I need a name for this thing.

The current working title is SimpEng - Simple Engineering Simulations. Another idea was to pick a random name like 'Lucy' or 'Adria' but I haven't thought of one I like (and hasn't already been used).

Below is the project aims, answers on a postcard (or just leave a comment).

This project aims to produce a interactive website used to design and build chemical engineering simulations. One of the main features of this system will be to facilitate collaboration between colleges on a single project.

Upon completion, a user will be able to create a new process, add components, streams and units to the process. The system will then be capable of running a mass balance of components around the process.

This project should set up a framework on which other features, such as advanced thermodynamic calculations or plant layout design, can be incorporated easily at a later stage.

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