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Introducing IMPRESS

Introducing IMPRESS: the Interactive Multi-user PRocess Engineering Simulation Suite.

As my final year ChemEng research project I have built a program that helps build a mass balance for processes.

The program is accessed through a web page (so you don't need to install anything) and can handle having more than one user working on the same process.

The program allows the user to export the data as an excel spreadsheet to do with as they wish.

The program can be accessed from: http://impress.thatscottishengineer.co.uk (Edit) Link broken. Let me know if you want to play with it

I have uploaded a tutorial video explaining how to use the program to youtube, though there are times in the video when the image freezes. It should still be useful and I will try and create a better copy at some point.


If you have any problems, suggestions or comments feel free to email me.

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