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Python and Pandas

This afternoon I got a chance toplay with python again. I had been trying to do some analysis using Excel but I found that it was generally just getting in the way. What I thought should have been a simple tweak turned out to be a real pain.

Eventually …

Skipping a gtk.Assistant Page Using set_forward_page_func()

A.K.A. Skipping Page 3!

I regularly use the excellent rednotebook for my daily notes at work. I recently decided I wanted to add a feature to the export dialogue which would allow the user to export only a selection of text.   A code reviewer suggested that, if the …

Impress Update

I have recently had some spare time and chose to use it updating impress adding some new features.

For anyone who has not heard me talk about impress: it is a simple mass balance tool designed for chemical engineers to use during the early stages of design. This application is …

Introducing IMPRESS

Introducing IMPRESS: the Interactive Multi-user PRocess Engineering Simulation Suite.

As my final year ChemEng research project I have built a program that helps build a mass balance for processes.

The program is accessed through a web page (so you don't need to install anything) and can handle having more than …