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Yes Because

Apologies, I have been thinking about these all day:

“In politics, nothing is ever as good as you hope it’s going to be, but at the same time nothing’s ever as bad as you fear it’s going to be”.

  • I am #yesbecause I am not happy with the status quo and I do not believe westminster will change (lords reform anyone?).
  • I am #yesbecause more powers is NOT on the ballot (thanks to DC) and the promises only materialised after the polls narrowed.
  • I am #yesbecause Margret Thatcher promised ‘A no vote will not kill devolution’ in 1979 and we know how that worked out.
  • I am #yesbecause the rhetoric about families in rUK being foreign is rather disgusting - is my marriage less because my wife is American?
  • I am #yesbecause anyone that calls their campaign ‘project fear’ or ‘shock and awe’ probably shouldn’t be allowed to run the country.
  • I am #yesbecause ‘If you don’t know, vote No' is a really poor way to run a democracy. I would rather the enlightenment than the dark ages.
  • I am #yesbecause there will be difficult challenges ahead no matter what. I believe a small indy Scotland to be better at resolving them.

Please don’t get me wrong, I started a No but that was before I started to look into the issues. That is all.

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