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So I have just completed the course on advanced process control. It was interesting on Sunday night when I met the other course attendees.

There were eight attendees in total, I was the only Brit, all others were from continental Europe (Dutch, Belgian and German). There was a definite feeling that the course would have been better if it had been held in Amsterdam.

I was cautioned by one of the other attendees when they found out that I had not done any work on APC before. They had heard from others that had been on the course that it was very intensive, requiring a basic knowledge of the software (which was to be built upon) and they thought I would struggle. (Which was just what I wanted to hear considering the concerns I had on the Sunday)

The course itself was in fact intensive but I think I did pick up what I needed to know. Although there is a danger it has taught me just enough information to be dangerous - let me think I know what I am doing then...

The two course organisers turned out to be from South Africa and as a result, much of the meal times were spend discussing the similarities/differences between Afrikaans, Dutch and German (of which, I was the only attendee that didn't speak at least one of them). I am sure it would have been a linguists paradise.

It was also interesting to see the way the other companies were set up. All the other attendees were very much APC Engineers (Advanced Process Control), and did not deal directly with the DCS (which is handled by the DCS Engineers). Whereas at Grangemouth, the Control Engineers work mainly on the DCS with the DCS Engineers in addition to working on APC.

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