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Packing Up the Office

This weekend, the office where I have worked for the last 6 years is getting split in two. Lots of engineers have been moved to new locations in other offices around the site and those of us who are remaining are getting squashed into a smaller area. The rest of the space will be converted into the new control room.

We have all been told that we have to have moved out by Wednesday night. Over the weekend a new wall will be built and new furniture installed.

It is a surreal feeling walking into the office at the moment. About a third of the desks have already been dismantled, another third have been vacated. It is surprising how big the office suddenly feels once you remove a significant amount of the furniture and equipment.

It is now getting to the stage where you need to be careful when you stand up to go anywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if I returned from lunch to find my seat.. well, to return and not find my seat.

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