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Python and Pandas

This afternoon I got a chance toplay with python again. I had been trying to do some analysis using Excel but I found that it was generally just getting in the way. What I thought should have been a simple tweak turned out to be a real pain.

Eventually out of frustration I decided to have a look online for some data analysis guidance. It appears that the two main resources are R and Python. I have previous experience with python so decided to use that.

While I had used Python previously, I had never used IPython or Jupyter Notebooks. I never really understood why you would want to and I just programmed using normal scripts.

This time I was following a tutorial (using my own data) so I used a Jupyter Notebook as instructed and imported my data using Pandas.

It was such a joy.

It was fun to play with my data, but in a way that I could easily document what I was doing and why. The ability to see the graph results in line was very useful to quickly look back at.

Unfortunately it was only a play and I didn't get far enough to answer my question. But I did get far enough to know that I ought to spend some more time researching it.

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