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Access Denied

Earlier today I was attempting to make some changes to a Windows server in a secure way1. I fully accept that my knowledge in this area is not particularly strong and so I started looking for the information online. This was harder to do than I initially thought.

It turns out that our company IT overlords have decreed that the internet filters should block websites in the "internet and computer security" category.

This seems like a really stupid idea. It is the same stupidity that leads to "abstinence only" sex education. If we restrict knowledge from trusted sources nobody will switch to less reliable but not blocked resources.

I really can't see a good reason for blocking knowledge that will help secure your systems. I currently have no idea if my changes were secure or the best way of doing it. I just need to hope that I got it right or that security through obscurity will be enough.

  1. I am being deliberately vague
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