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Security Checklist

When reading a computer security focused blog, I came across a security checklist.

I spend a good while reviewing the recomendations in it and upgrading my security in certan places. While I wouldn't recomend all the actions (and haven't done them all myself), it is certanaly worth considering them all …

Lunch and Learn: Triton Security Incident

At lunchtime today I attended a Lunch and Learn Session put on by Schneider Electric about the triton atack on a SIS1. Before the talk I was vaguely aware of the incident but without any details.

It appears that the attackers managed to get through most of the layers …

Access Denied

Earlier today I was attempting to make some changes to a Windows server in a secure way1. I fully accept that my knowledge in this area is not particularly strong and so I started looking for the information online. This was harder to do than I initially thought.

It …